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Tenshoku Tekirei

Where there is a will, there is a way



This is a book written by a unique Japanese woman who changed her career from a TV journalist to a medical doctor dramatically in her thirties.

Ayumi Miyazawa was the first female journalist to work in the Political Economic Department at Tokyo broadcasting System.

During her tenure she was chosen to cover the elections of The House of Representatives and The House of Councilors. During one press conference, she made Prime Minister Nakasone publicly guarantee that he would not introduce a new consumption tax, even if his party were to win the election. Unfortunately, after winning the election however, he failed to keep his promise. This broken promise became his weak point and eventually the newly elected cabinet was forced to resign.

When she turned twenty-seven years old, her life changed. Her mother, who had been battling cancer for eighteen years, died. She will never forget her mother ‘ s pain and suffering and everything they both went through during this very trying time in their lives. This tragedy put her into deep thought and she began wondering why this painful and debilitating disease took her mother ‘ s life. Over the course of the next four years, she gradually decided to change the direction of her own life forever. This new direction took her into the world of medicine where she decided to pursue a new career path and become a medical doctor.

She studied hard and successfully entered medical school. After becoming a medical student, she kept working in order to earn all of her school expenses and cost of living. She also struggled against the conservative medical world, and the many professors who look upon themselves as special people and are so arrogant in their attitude. While she was at the medical school, she passed the exchange program and was enrolled at New York Medical College in the U.S.A. as an exchange student. There, she recognized that medicine has no boundary.

Presently, she is working as a doctor at the OBGYN section of Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutou General Hospital . She has decided that she wants to care for women ‘ s health and for individuals who are terminally ill. Not only the political world, but also the medical world is full of inconsistencies and irrationalities. She does not stop fighting against such inconsistencies and irrationalities. She continues her dual careers as a journalist and a doctor, and struggles to change the conservative medical world by writing books.

Indeed, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome along the way if one is to see one ‘ s dreams become reality. Since she did not give up and persisted in her studies, her dream eventually came true. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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